Working with Kathryn is easily one of the best business decisions I have taken so far, I know my investment in her services will be repaid many times 

Claire Hughes, Marketing Consultant


Flexible support to keep your sanity intact and your business thriving

Hi there. My name’s Kathryn Hall and I’m a super organised virtual assistant based in Southampton. I specialise in working with coaches and creatives who have taken the leap to be self-employed, are out there making fabulous ideas come to life and are quite simply loving being the boss (I should know, I’m one of them!)

But like anyone who is doing it on their own I know that working for yourself is no walk in the park. There are challenges aplenty, juggling acts to be performed and obligatory piles of admin that clog up your ‘to do’ list and sponge your precious time.

Do you…?

  • have a ‘to do’ list that could reach to the moon and back?
  • wish you could ditch the dull repetitive admin to focus on what you actually get paid for?
  • have lots of ideas but not enough hours?
  • know what needs doing to grow your business, if only you had the time?

Answered yes to any of the above? Then read on…

As your virtual assistant I can…

  • help you with the necessary admin that’s involved with managing and marketing your business.
  • provide support with newsletters, emails, record-keeping, social media, transcribing and a whole lot more
  • allow you to focus on what you do best – helping others, growing your client base and actually making money.
  • help you escape the overwhelm, gain control of your time and find a better work/life balance.
  • provide a reliable, virtual and flexible service from my own office in Southampton.

Are you ready to pass on the admin to focus on what you do best?

Check out my services page to learn more about how we can work together then head to my contact page to organise a time to chat. If you’re based in or near Southampton I’m always happy to meet face-to-face for a cuppa and a natter so drop me a line!