About me

vertical - kathryn

With over ten years admin, writing and proofreading experience along with organisational skills that are literally built into my DNA (meet my Mum and you’ll know what I mean), I provide professional transcription services for writers, coaches, researchers and other creatives.

As well as working on various blogs, during recent years I’ve supported a wide range of entrepreneurs with the nuts and bolts of their businesses so they can focus on the stuff where they really thrive. I also love putting pen to paper and am a published writer for the likes of The Guardian, Female Entrepreneur Association and KindredHQ.

When I’m not spending my time crossing things off lists or typing at a rate of knots I can be found living in the Cotswolds with my photographer fella and baby George. I rarely go a day without visiting the woods (a fact I’m a teeny bit smug about) and I’m also the behind-the-scenes partner at Oliver Perrott Photography: the place to go for your interior, lifestyle & product photography.

Like you, I’m a creative soul. I understand the highs and lows, the late nights, the rushes of adrenalin and the blood sweat and tears that go into creating something you can call your own. By turning the spoken word into written form, I help individuals reach bigger audiences, earn more money and gain time and freedom for the parts of their work that they love.

As with any great sidekick I can be there in the background ready to step in when you need me. Supportive, reliable, and ready to watch your back. (Don’t wanna take my word for it? Then check out what my lovely clients say).

My door is always open so if you ever have any questions, queries, moments of madness that you want to get off your chest – just drop me a line. I’m all ears.