Virtual Assistant Case study: working with a blogger and digital course creator



The client:

I worked as a virtual assistant with a UK based online blogger, business developer and digital course creator. When she approached me she was in the process of creating, managing and launching an online support pack designed for new mothers. The pack was a collaborative project and included support, advice and encouragement from around 60 women who worked in the baby and motherhood industry across the globe.

The problem:

Lack of time to get this project up and out into the world was the primary difficulty that this client was experiencing. She had several projects on the go and was also a mother herself which meant time was short. Without a virtual assistant the project was at risk of coming to an end before it had even got started.

How I helped her:

1) Information and contact management

A huge part of this project involved collating and managing all the resources and emails that were coming in from the various contributors. I set up and managed a spreadsheet and filing system to maintain a running record for each contributor. This ensured we could easily see what had arrived to us and where there were gaps in information. I then took responsibility for filling in those gaps either by emailing contributors or finding the necessary information online.

2) Online community management

In order for the contributors to connect with each other and feel part of the project as a whole it was necessary for a central online hub to be set up. I did this by creating and managing a private Facebook group which I then invited all the contributors to join so they could virtually ‘meet’ with others and make new connections.

3) Transcription of audios

Many elements of this product were in audio or video format which needed to be accurately transcribed in order to offer various formats for learning. We do not speak in the way we write so in order to create pieces that could easily be read I used a method known as the intelligent transcription method. This is where filler words and expressions such as ‘um’ and ‘you know’ are stripped out to produce a coherent piece of writing.

4) Website support

As this was a digital product a lot of work needed to be done to the central website through which this pack was being delivered. Using a WordPress website I uploaded information about each contributor, edited and resized photographs, and generally ensured that information was displayed correctly to the client’s needs.

5) Proofreading and system testing

Once everything was uploaded and ready I did a thorough check of the whole system. This involved proofreading all the text, ensuring all the links worked, testing all the resources and making sure that everything was presented correctly and in the right order.

The result:

Although this client had the skills and capability to do all the tasks that I completed for her, working together on this project meant the final product started bringing in money far quicker than had she done all the work herself.

It meant that during this process she was able to focus her attention on the activities that really needed her full attention – writing her own contributions to the product, building relationships with contributors and getting a long term marketing strategy in place. Spending time on basic record keeping and website updates simply wasn’t an effective use of her time.

Not only that but by having a second pair of eyes to check everything for her, she knew that the final product was free of error, working correctly and ready for launch.

If you work in the online world and need a virtual assistant to help with ongoing administrative tasks or a specific project I’m always happy to discuss your needs. Drop me a line to get in touch. I’m in Southampton but can work remotely from wherever you’re based.

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