29 tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant

29 tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant

Are you trying to do it all?

If you’re trying to wear all the hats in your business chances are that you’re holding your business back from its full potential. We all have 24 hours in a day and the reality is that one person can only do so much. As your business grows, so too will the demands on your time, energy and mental well-being. Did you really go into business so that you could sort through your receipts at 2am in the morning? No, didn’t think so.

Why hiring a Virtual Assistant could be the answer

A Virtual Assistant (otherwise known as a Virtual PA) provides a flexible way to outsource some of the work that is involved with keeping your business running like a well oiled machine. It means you can focus on the stuff where you really thrive – meeting with clients, actually doing the work that you’re paid for, and spending time being the creative force behind your business.

Every Virtual Assistant is different so it’s important to find someone who is a good fit for you and your business. However to give you an idea of the type of tasks a Virtual Assistant could help you with here are 29 tasks you could quickly outsource to free up some time.

1. Clearing spam from your emails

2. Booking travel arrangements

3. Transcribing audio or video files

4. Researching venues for an event

5. Scheduling social media posts

6. Managing online communities

7. Proofreading articles or reports

8. Uploading and scheduling blog posts

9. Sourcing stock images for blogs

10. Sending invoices out

11. Chasing late payments

12. Updating websites

13. Creating newsletters to send out

14. Booking appointments with clients

15. Organising and updating online filing systems

16. Finding business addresses

17. Sending repeat emails

18. Filtering and responding to blog comments

19. Creating surveys

20. Setting up autoresponders

21. Managing expenses spreadsheets

22. Planning events

23. Setting up social media accounts

24. Transcribing meetings

25. Writing blog posts

26. Creating presentations

27. Collating information

28. Responding to customer enquiries

29. Writing up case studies

As you can see there are lots of tasks a Virtual Assistant could help you with. It’s not just about being your PA – there’s more to it than that. Instead it’s about finding someone who can support you with getting your message out into the world while keeping your business ticking over beautifully. You’ll have more time and energy which means your health, clients and business will all reap the benefits. What’s not to love?!

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