What I do

As a virtual assistant I provide administrative support to wellness, slow living and foodie businesses who need a hand getting stuff done.

From personal experience I know that forging your own career and doing what you love is amazing in so many ways. But I also understand that being your own boss is no walk in the park. With limited time and endless lists it can often feel like running on a hamster wheel while juggling a million balls which leaves your health and personal life suffering.

If this sounds painfully familiar then I can step in and help. Through my service I can give you time and space to slow down, catch your breathe, ease the daily pressure and focus on the core work that got you started with this business in the first place – the stuff that actually brings you joy.

The result? Happy customers, happy business, happy you!

The services I offer

There are three main ways I can help ease your workload which are detailed below.

Managing your emails:

If you’re drowning in emails and spending huge chunks of your day in ‘response’ mode then I can step in and help. I’ll read, manage and action the bulk of your mail so you can be sure that enquiries are dealt with efficiently, your buyers remain happy and you gain more time and headspace to focus on the tasks where you shine.

Uploading and sharing your content:

Whether it’s a blog post, newsletter or instagram post, you write it and I can do the rest. Depending on your needs I can proofread, upload, schedule and share your content – all essential steps for getting your words of wisdom out to the world but not necessarily the best use of your time.

Keeping your ‘back end’ tidy:

You may be bored to tears by this stuff but when it comes to the nitty-gritty work of tidying, organising, updating and filing there’s honestly nothing I love more (it’s in my DNA!). From handling membership admin to keeping records updated I can be there in the background keeping the wheels turning, your spreadsheets neat and your stress levels low.

How it works

Being ‘virtual’ means I provide support remotely from my own office in Stroud and work on a flexible, freelance basis.

After an initial consultation to discuss your needs I can create a monthly or one-off package of support that is unique to you. Just get in touch for a chat to learn more about how we could work together. You can also check out my FAQS page where I answer some common queries about the service.