How to use transcription services to earn more money

how transcription services can make you more money

How to use transcription services to earn more

If you record audio or video then getting your recordings transcribed can help to build your audience, create new products and boost your income.

Here are 3 ways how…

Repurpose your content and make new products

By using transcription services you can create a variety of other products to support your marketing and earn you more money.

For example, if you have an audio recording of a talk with lots of helpful advice and guidance, having a transcription of that talk could form the base of a wide range of other products.

You could pull the text apart to create blog posts or newsletters to build your audience. You could use chunks of your transcribed talk to create new training materials. Or better yet, with a bit of nifty editing, you could use the written transcription of your talk to create a brand new e-book that you can sell again and again.

It’s all about working productively and making your recordings work harder. So dig out those files, dust them off and see what treasures you can use to make more cash!

Build your audience and make more sales

So it may come as a surprise, but not everyone likes to listen to the voices of others. In fact, a huge amount of us prefer curling up with a cuppa and reading an interesting article over listening to a narration or spoken interview.

By offering transcriptions that stand alongside your recordings you will engage more people, provide the option for scanning your content (often essential in this world of information overload!) and ensure that more people hang around to learn more about who you are – all of which can lead to more sales.

Not only that but when it comes to online content, Google doesn’t pick up the spoken word. So, if you’re uploading audio or video to the web and want to be sure people find you, popping up a transcription will help boost your SEO and bring more people to your door. It’s a simple trick but one that could make the difference between standing out from the crowd or drowning in a sea of competition.

Focus on what you do best

Finally, if you’re more of a talker than a writer then ditching the blank page to get your thoughts out verbally is likely to be far greater use of your time and energy than working against the grain of who you are.

Whether you’re producing a book, writing a blog post or creating written records for clients, picking up a dictaphone will allow you to work to your strengths. You’ll get more done, will feel more fulfilled and ultimately, will earn more as a result.

Simply record your thoughts onto an audio file, send them off to your transcription services, and hey presto, you get to ditch the headaches and focus on the tasks where you thrive!

Need some transcription support? If you record audio or video as part of your work then you’re in the right place.

Whether you run a podcast, speak at live events, or interview others to create written articles, I can take your audio files and provide you with accurate and intelligently transcribed material so you can reach more people, create even more content, and focus on the tasks where you really shine. Learn more about my services here or get in touch to find out more.