Why apps suck at transcribing (and what to use instead)

Converting speech to text, why apps suck

Converting speech to text

It doesn’t matter how quick at typing you are, the truth is that converting speech to text can be hugely time-consuming. It’s not particularly creative, can be mundane and tedious, can take away the focus of your innovative work and is simply not a good use of your time. Which is why you may be looking for the perfect computer program to do it all for you.

Unfortunately though, when it comes to transcribing there is certainly no magic app that can accurately do all the hard work for you (despite the promises of such!)

Why apps suck at transcribing

Technology is amazing in so many ways but a decent app that efficiently converts speech to text without landing you with a ton of work at the end of the day, simply doesn’t exist.


Because an app is a program that is run by a machine. And if you’ve ever tried giving instructions to Siri or conversing with a robot on your telephone banking line, you’ll know that most machines in this field are by no means perfect.

Unlike a human being, machines don’t understand the sophisticated intricacies of how human language works. They have little comprehension of how the spoken and written word varies, how accents can impact massively on language, how context plays a huge part, or how human beings naturally include ‘ums’, ‘ers’, pauses, repetitions and false starts in their speech.

The frustrating result is that using an app to convert speech to text will generally result in lots of mistakes. Spelling errors, missing punctuation, inaccuracies in the text, and unnecessary repetitions and false starts are often included meaning you’ll have to go through the text with a fine-tooth comb to ensure accuracy. Hardly a great use of your time!

Outsourcing to a human being

The beauty of outsourcing your transcription needs to a human is that they truly understand how language works.

Using their experience they can use take out those ‘ums’ and ‘ers’, remove repetitions, google the words they’re unsure of and use their keen eye for detail to ensure the spelling and grammar is perfect. Plus, most importantly, they’ll save you time, headaches and stress by providing you with accurate and coherent pieces of writing that work well on paper for all to read.

Of course, apps may feel like the perfect answer. But if you’re spending hours of your time double-checking everything and correcting mistakes then what’s the point? It’s a false economy.

Far better to go straight to a human transcriber to get it right first time. You’ll gain more hours in the day to focus on the ‘real’ work and your stress levels will thank you no end. Makes perfect sense, right?

Need some transcription support? If you record audio or video as part of your work then you’re in the right place.

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