Video transcription: How to use it to reach more people

Video transcription

Stand out from the crowd with video transcription

Ah, the world of video.

So, you’ve found something you love doing. You’ve figured out the equipment, have learnt how to edit, have overcome the cringe factor of watching yourself on screen (no mean feat!), and have excitedly scribbled down a ton more topic ideas that you want to put into action. Life is pretty great once you’ve found your flow, right?

There is however one rather crucial problem and unfortunately it’s a biggie. You are not the only person on the planet creating videos. Quelle surprise.

As you will know (unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last ten years), the ocean of competition in the world of vlogging and YouTubing stretches far and wide, above and beyond. And the truth is that sometimes it doesn’t matter how good/slick/informative/awe-inspiring or crazy your videos are. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who happens to hit on something that goes viral in a matter of hours, simply uploading your video in the hope that people will find you is unlikely to bring floods of viewers to your door.

Rather, it takes time, perseverance and a few smart tactics to get people finding you, sharing your work, and bringing you bigger audiences.

Now, of course, marketing is an enormous topic area and there are lots of ways to help ensure people find and engage with your videos. From sharing links on social media, to guest vlogging on other websites, to building a mailing list that people can subscribe to.

However a marketing tactic that a lot of people forget about when it comes to building an audience for their videos is providing video transcription.

How can video transcription help you?

In short, a video transcription is a text version of all the words that are spoken. They can sit alongside your video either within YouTube or on your own website and there are three main ways that transcriptions can help you stand out from the crowd.

1. They will improve your SEO

When it comes to online content, the spoken word doesn’t get picked up by Google so you need to give it a helping hand. By providing a transcription alongside your video you are providing information to Google about what your video is about. It means more people are likely to find your videos when they search for specific phrases that you use. And hey presto, your audience are more likely to grow.

2. They will help you engage with more people

Ok here’s the thing. Not everyone likes video. It may come as a surprise but even in this day and age of Netflix, YouTube and Satellite TV, many people prefer reading over listening. It comes down to a variety of reasons – different learning styles, hearing impairments, a need for less screen time…the list goes on. Whatever the reason, if you don’t provide a video transcription then you risk losing a bunch of people who may be very interested in what you have to say. By offering transcriptions that stand alongside your recordings you will provide the option for scanning your content and ultimately engage more people.

3. They will ensure your efforts go further

Once a video transcription has been created you’ve effectively opened the door to a variety of other products and marketing opportunities. By taking the text from your transcriptions and doing a bit of nifty editing you can re-purpose your content and create a variety of other products to support your marketing efforts. From blog posts, newsletters, training materials and e-books that you can sell again and again, the list is endless.

Need some transcription support? If you record audio or video as part of your work then you’re in the right place.

Whether you run a podcast, speak at live events, or interview others to create written articles, I can take your audio or video files and provide you with accurate and intelligently transcribed material so you can reach more people, create even more content, and focus on the tasks where you really shine. Learn more about my services here or get in touch to find out more.