Transcription services for journalists and researchers

I know there is much that you love about your work – the freedom and flexibility, the research and writing, the capacity to work from the quiet of your home…

But when it comes to pulling apart interviews to inform your research and create first-rate articles, the truth is that spending your precious time and energy transcribing audios (while getting mind-numbingly bored in the process) is simply bad use of your time.

As an experienced transcriber I can:

Save you time and energy

Don’t spend hours trawling through recordings to find the information you need. When deadlines are looming and the pressure’s on, getting a written transcript will allow you to focus on the tasks you do best: brainstorming, writing, researching and creating.

Produce coherent, intelligently transcribed material

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the written word I will take out the ‘ums’, ‘ers’, repetitions, false starts and hesitations to produce accurate transcriptions that make sense on paper while being true to the original. There just isn’t an app for what I do!

Provide a quick turnaround

I know that with tight deadlines and busy schedules, the last thing you want is to wait three weeks for a completed transcription. Armed with speedy typing skills, flexible work hours and an understanding of the need for efficiency, I have a quick turnaround for completed transcriptions.

Promise complete confidentiality

Whether you’re working on groundbreaking research or have bagged an interview with a star, I promise complete confidentiality on all work and will sign an agreement that states this is writing.

Offer a cost-effective solution

With competitive rates and fixed quotes you can be sure that run-away costs are a thing of the past. You’ll gain time to focus on drumming up new business (which ultimately means you’ll earn more), plus if you’re self-employed those costs can be put against your tax. It’s a win-win situation all round!


Ready to get started?

Drop me a line letting me know who you are and what you need help with and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.